Bentley showroom opens in Tallinn


  • A new display and retail space in a prime location in the capital’s centre
  • Third-generation Bentley Continental GT presented at the opening event
  • Opening a dealership in Tallinn is yet another testimony to the great success of this iconic brand in our region

Bentley Motors officially opened its dealership in Tallinn, having the brand’s newest model, the third-generation Bentley Continental GT, which defines the sports tourers segment, on display at the event.

The brand-new display and retail space showcases the full range of Bentley cars and offers aftersales services as well as luxurious, hand-crafted Bentley accessories. The dealership is located at Laeva Street 2, near the port of Tallinn.

The main attraction at the opening event was undoubtedly the newest model in the Bentley range, newly arrived in Estonia – the third-generation sports tourer Bentley Continental GT. As is true for all Bentleys, the Continental GT boasts British technology and design while each and every car is hand-crafted by skilled professionals. According to the car-maker, Continental GT represents a combination of individuality, performance, the latest technologies and a sense of luxury only achievable through handcrafted work - the result is a truly excellent sports tourer.

Jussi Pärnpuu, board member of the Bentley importer Auto 100 AS, says that the British car brand, which, by the way, celebrates its 100th anniversary next year, is an automotive industry flagship. “In this century of mass-production, Bentley has been committed to a culture, traditions and quality which is reflected in each Bentley, all of them still hand-crafted. We are glad to see that our ten-year cooperation with Luxury and Sports Cars SE, a dealer of Bentley luxury cars, has reached a new level with the opening of the showroom. No doubt that our showroom is a unique addition to the super luxury car dealer scene in Tallinn,” Jussi Pärnpuu comments.

“We have worked as great partners with Bentley’s office in Tallinn for over ten years by now. We highly value their contribution to stabilising the position of the Bentley brand and we are convinced that opening a new dealership and service centre will be another milestone in Bentley’s success story in the region,” says Robert Engstler, Bentley regional director for Europe.

Besides the brand-new Continental GT, the legendary British car-maker’s range available in the dealership includes the luxury sedan Flying Spur, the luxury SUV Bentay and, of course, Bentley’s flagship model Mulsanne.

The Bentley range is imported by Auto 100 AS, a retail company with long-standing, extensive experience, which started out in 2005 with selling cars by the Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda. Only a year later it signed a contract to represent in Estonia, as well as in all Baltic countries, Automobili Lamborghini, an iconic Italian manufacturer of sports cars. Since 2007 Auto 100 has been an official service partner of AS Bentley Motors, and the same year it signed another contract with the British car-maker Lotus to retail Lotus sports cars in the same region. Since 2012 the company has held the exclusive right to import and sell Porsche cars in Estonia. Since last October Auto 100 has been the official importer of Škoda vehicles in Latvia, with the goal to establish a local Škoda dealer and service network in the country.